The pandemic really showed us how critical access to quality internet has become for our children’s education, our medical care, shopping, entertainment, and working from home. Internet usage has increased 500% in the last few years, but Northern Santa Fe County is still lagging behind in access, affordability, and quality of service.

For over four years, Justin served on the board of directors of RediNET and the Chamber of Commerce’s Broadband Subcommittee. His work helped implement the first (FREE!) public WiFi project in Santa Fe County. At the Chamber, they brought together the Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe County, and the City of Santa Fe to collaborate on projects to expand services.

District 1 deserves a Commissioner with Justin's technical, planning, and financial expertise to help execute a long-term plan to invest millions of dollars into deployment of high-speed internet for all Santa Feans.

Justin has a proven track record of securing funding and working with service providers and government entities. He is ready to hit the ground running on day one to ensure affordable and reliable broadband throughout our community.