District 1 has some of the most majestic landscapes in New Mexico. Fantastic forests, the dramatic cliffs of the Rio Grande, and a diverse ecology; but it is as fragile as it is beautiful. These areas, along with tribal cultural properties, must be protected along with our clean air and water sources.

Justin has spent his career as an urban planner focused on sustainable development and environmental stewardship.  Sustainability is a broad-based concept. Not only does it refer to our ability to maintain our air, land and water, but it also extends to economic development and our local economy. Our community is blessed with amazing weather, the most beautiful landscapes, and climate made for solar energy production.

Sustainability also means preserving public access and protecting our acequias and traditional cultural uses. We've neglected our responsibilities at the county to help protect the cultural properties of our northern tribes, leading to their tragic permanent destruction. 

Water availability has been a long-standing issue in New Mexico and the current drought is not making our situation any easier.  Justin supports measures that will upgrade our water systems and acquire new sources to solve the future water scarcity in Santa Fe.

We can secure our water position while promoting sustainable growth and outdoor recreation initiatives. During the pandemic, when outdoor activity was the safer solution, we saw how our trails and parks needed better infrastructure to support the crowds. Outdoor recreation is a public right and economic development opportunity, but responsible planning and management must be a part of the solution.